COURTYARD STAR WAR IS ON!    ——Mosquito Killers, World-leading Black-Tech Products.

A Real Black-Tech Product with High Integration, Strong Practicability, Wide-Range of Application, Reliability, and No Harm to Human-beings.


The Mosquito Killers adopt high-definition LiDAR developed by LeiShen, with matched SLAM algorithm to achieve localization and navigation. The Mosquito Killers are able to achieve detection, recognition, dynamic tracking, targeting, and continuous shooting of laser beams to micro objects such as mosquitoes, flies, locusts, cockroaches, etc.


LS01 Series 360° 2D LiDAR

High-performance, long-lifetime LiDAR for navigation and anti-collision which can be applied to consumer robots. Ability of normal functioning under 70,000 lux sunlight, leading world level. 360° field of view guarantees omni-directional coverage to surrounding environment, with detection range of 6 meters’radius, scan rate up to 11 Hz, and sampling rate up to 4,000 points per second.


Multi-Channel LiDAR

The Multi-Channel LiDAR including Channel-4, Channel-8, Channel-16, under development of LeiShen R&D Team,
                       have excellent cost performance ratio and wide-range applications.

  • 3D Coordinate&Distance

  • Real-time

  • 360°


High-Performance 2D LiDAR

TOF Ranging Principle adopted to perform 360° 2D detection to surrounding environment,
with sampling rate up to 20KHz, and accuracy up to +/-3cm.


270° Medium-Range 2D LiDAR

270° 2D Scanning, Class-1 Eye-Safe Laser Standard, with sampling rate up to 20KHz, and detection range from 50 meters to 200 meters.


Special Fiber Laser and Optical Devices

Fiber Laser Products of LeiShen can be applied to fields of scientific research, laser scanners, laser distance rangers, electro-optical countermeasures, DTS distributed optical fiber temperature measurement, laser medicine, fiber sensing, telemetry, etc.

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