LeiShen Intelligent System Co., LTD which is acknowledged as a national leader in LIDAR industry is devoted  to provide advanced products including LiDAR products for robots navigation and anti-collision,  laser imaging sensor, obstacle-avoidance LiDAR for self-driving vehicles, altitude-hold LiDAR for laser scanners, displace sensors,  special  robots,  special fiber lasers, 1064nm high-power consecutive-pulse fiber laser, fiber devices, etc. and relevant solutions. LeiShen has long been valuing core technologies, and developing under world-class strategic insight and excellent Innovation. LeiShen intends to make Human Life better with science and technology.

    By far, LeiShen Team has obtained 58 patents, 17 software copyrights, and has submitted 100 patent claims, 43 of which are patents for invention. Moreover, LeiShen has acquired certificate of ISO quality management system. In 2015, 4 technology patents have been carried forward into production. And a number of our core technologies have reached the leading level in the world. Among the laser scanner products, series for cleaning robots and service robots have been put into mass production. These laser scanners are developed based on triangulation principle and matched with relevant SLAM algorithms, and stand strong sunlight up to 70,000 lux, and also have ultra-long service life-time and strong reliability, leading industry level. Moreover, the new-generation creative non-rotating laser scanner is perfect for altitude-hold , industrial automation, etc. In addition, 2D TOF laser scanners have been successfully developed.

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