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LS SLAMWARE Module integrates Automatic localization and mapping, and matched path planning and anti-collision performance based on LiDAR, used on solutions for automatic navigation and anti-collision system for movable robots.

Cleaning Robot SLAM Algorithm Panel

Modular Automatic Localization and Navigation System of Cleaning Robots


■Automatic Mapping in unknown environment

■Automatic Optimal Route Seeking

■Dynamic Path Planning

Intelligent Retraced Cleaning in Zigzag Pattern


LS SLAM Makes Mopping Robot "Smarter"

It supports global mapping and route planning, as well as real-time data updating. "Arc-shape" sweeping mode ensures high efficiency. Obstacles can be automatically identified and dodged. It also features comprehensive, fast operation, and prolonged use time per charge. No furniture will be damaged.


Components of LS SLAM for Mopping Robot

LS SLAM consists three components: LiDAR, LS SLAM core algorithm panel, and a panel for underlyingsensor information integration and control. LeiShen can offer you a package solution of automatic positioning and navigation for mopping robots


Functions Supported by LS SLAM






  • Localization, Navigation and Anti-collision of Service Robots



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