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LS01E 2D LIDAR sensor is a laser scanner solution developed by LeiShen Intelligent System Co., Ltd. It performs 360 degree laser scan within 16-meters distance detection range and produces 2D point cloud data map which can be used in mapping navigation (SLAM), obstacle avoidance, route planning, etc.

LS01E Medium-Range

Medium-Range LiDAR


■Filed of View 360°

■Distance Range 16m 

■Accuracy  Within 1m <10mm

■Scan Frequency   10Hz(3-11Hz adjustable)

■Sample Frequency  3600~4000Hz 

Communication Interface  URAT(costomizable to I2C,SPI,RS-485,etc. )

■Angular Resolution   1° (0.5° is Customizable)

■ long service life

LS01 Series 360° 2D Laser Scanners

High-performance, long-lifetime laser scanners for navigation and anti-collision which can be applied to consumer robots. 



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